How to Exercise Your Pet Hamster Safely: A Creative Way to Keep Hamsters Healthy and Happy

Hamsters can squeeze into a very small space, as any owner who has lost a hamster can testify. They are like most small rodents in that if they can get their head through a gap, then they can flatten their rib cage and their body then follows suit.

Allow Your Hamster Some Exercise

Hamsters can be allowed to run on the floor with some precautions – keeping an area blocked off and making sure that there are no gaps that they can escape through. It is also essential to keep a watchful eye on them.

For very low cost, however, it is possible to build a hamster play box to allow your pet to exercise freely and safely.

Toys for Your Pet Hamster can be Cheaply Found

You will need a large cardboard box, which is tall enough that the hamster cannot reach the sides and scramble out. It needs to be secure with no gaps or holes that the hamster can squeeze through.

Once you have your box, then you can add some toys. If budget allows, you might like to add a side wheel for your hamster to run on, or you can add some natural hamster hide-away toys. You can also build your own.


Ideas for Hamster Toys

Take a small child’s shoe box and cut holes in the side. You might like to cut the holes big enough to fit cardboard tubes in to make a tunnel entrance and exit. Place cardboard tubes around the box to allow the hamsters to run in and out. Use different sizes of boxes to add interest and variety. Hide small treats for your hamster to sniff out and find.

Keep an eye out for ideas that you can adapt to add to your hamster play box. Do not use any harmful materials such as newspaper as the print can be poisonous, although printed cardboard is fine. Use natural materials such as wood, hay, paper and card and choose healthy treats for your hamster. Remember to remove any fresh treats at the end of each day, so that they do not go off.

Hamsters are curious little creatures and enjoy having somewhere new to explore. You can change the layout of the play box every few weeks so that he can always enjoy having somewhere new to explore. It will keep your pet interested and alert and it is especially good fun to watch a pair of dwarf hamsters explore their play box together