Getting Hamsters: 10 Reasons to Get Your Child a Hamster – or Not

Okay, yes, let’s get it out of the way: they are rodents. They have incisor teeth that keep on growing – so they constantly gnaw – and while arguably cuter than a rat and far less nasty-seeming they are still rodents. Only your child won’t care. So why do you?

Hamsters are (Mostly) Gentle and Actually Live Longer in Captivity

Hamsters have been domesticated in North America since the 1930s and a great many parents have grown fond of them so you might, too. They’re gentle – though if you were to leave two male hamsters alone in a cage they might possibly fight to the death. But they don’t cause trouble, although they have a habit of replicating a great deal; indeed some species start when they’re a month old while others take a whopping two or three months to begin popping out pups. Oh and they can have several litters a year.


Like more than three.

Of course you can always get just the one hamster though your child might not be pleased. “It’s lonely,” he or she might say. “It really needs a friend.”

Hamster Care

Hamster are cute and furry. They also have very sharp teeth. Teach your child how to properly care for their furry friend from the beginning.

The bottom line is that if your kid wants a hamster, well, it’s the birthright of a contemporary kid to have one (or more). And hey, it’s not like we’re cruel to hamsters, they actually will live longer in captivity, in a hamster cage, on average, than the wild. Now to help you make a decision here is a top ten list:

The Top Ten Reasons to Get Your Kid a Hamster

  1. They don’t eat much. Why not? Because they’re not much bigger than a bar of soap.
  2. You kid will be so excited to have a hamster he’ll take care of it – for about one week.
  3. A hamster’s droppings are small and the cages easy to clean…well, it’s something.
  4. Because hamsters are a nocturnal creature, your child will learn a brand new word.
  5. They escape a lot so your family will spend quality time together looking for Hammy.
  6. Having one is a really good lesson for your cat in restraint; or at least that’s the plan.
  7. Hamsters spin about on a wheel and it will remind you of how pointless life can be.
  8. That last one is a bit depressing so next a comforting one: their bite only hurts a bit.
  9. Should they bother you then all you need to do is to stick their cage in another room.
  10. Hard finding 10 but let’s end here: Others have learned to love them so you can, too.

The bottom line is that she’s gonna be thrilled to see that furry little mammal spin in the wheel and roll in the hamster ball and chew its way through the wiring at the back of your computer. Besides – you love your child right? Right. So it stands to reason that you love anything that will make her, or him, happy. Alright then – time to decide and it’s all up to you.

Happy Hamstering.