Trained German Shepherds

Trained German shepherds can be a wonderful addition to your family. These are loving and loyal dogs, dedicated to your protection. I have found my trained German shepherds also have quite a jovial personality!

I should clarify: my German shepherds have a jovial personality, as long as you’re not an intruder! I have found it much easier to purchase trained German shepherds than to train them myself. Once I learned this lesson, I stopped wasting my time attempting to do the job professionals should.

The Cost of Feeding Trained German Shepherds

Maybe you’re under the impression that big dogs eat tons of food. Well, actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Trained German shepherds eat just as much as any other similar sized dog–which means big savings for you.

Don’t spend all of your free time cooking steaks for your German shepherds. This is a Hollywood-myth that should definitely be avoided. You should feed your trained German shepherds a quality diet consisting of dog food high in protein and vitamins