The Greyhound – Graceful, Sweet And Docile

The Greyhound is a medium to medium/large dog breed that is graceful and gentle. They weigh between 60-70 pounds and reach 26 inches to 30 inches in height. They are a breed that enjoys family companionship and loves routine. They love to eat at the same time each day, sleep at the same time and walk/exercise at the same time.

Recognized by the AKC, the greyhound is accepted in any coat color or color combination. Their coat is smooth, short, firm and straight. They are very easy groom, only requiring an occasional brushing and only needing a dry shampoo when necessary.

They are sensitive to cold weather and need to wear a sweater when they are outside in the winter to help keep them warm.

Calm inside and fairly high energy outside, the Greyhound can make a good apartment dog provided that they get regular outside exercise and walks. They are sweet and docile in nature and often display a bit of a timid side. Because of their timid side, they do best with older or well behaved children. Early socialization is best for other dogs and small pets. Even with socialization they might chase small, non-canine pets, particularly cats. Consistent training is important, but Greyhounds are fairly easy to train. They are not good watch dogs because of their calm, docile nature.

Dating back over 2000 years, the Greyhound originated in the Middle East. Most sources state that Egypt is their country of origin. Their strength, speed and agility made them excellent hunters and they were originally used mainly to hunt. Today they are mainly used in dog racing. When they can no longer race, they are often destroyed. Fortunately, Greyhound rescue organizations have been working hard to protect retired racing Greyhounds and they have had success with their adoption programs.

If you are looking for a calm, affectionate breed that will enjoy some outdoor exercise but will equally enjoy relaxing indoors with you, the Greyhound might be just what you are looking for. Predictable, calm family environments that will provide them with the companionship that they need are ideal for this breed.