Puppy Paper Training

Puppy paper training is a great way to housebreak your puppy both when you are home and when you are not. If you ultimately want your puppy to eliminate outside, it is not a good idea to paper train first or to only paper train. However, there are some areas where winters are too cold and summers are too hot to take your puppy on an effective walk. You want your puppy to be potty trained, not freeze or boil to death.

The first thing you need to do when puppy paper training is to pick a spot that will be the toilet area. Pick somewhere like the garage or laundry room so that the floor is easier to clean. Then, (here comes the paper part) line the entire floor with several layers of papers. You don’t want to stain your floor over time, so put a good layer in there. Use whatever paper you choose. Newspaper is generally the best.

Puppy Paper Training in Your Home

Put your dog on a leash and take her to the toilet area about every 30-45 minutes. If she does begin to eliminate, praise her enthusiastically. If she does not, you may want to lock her in for about 15 minutes until she does so. If she starts to eliminate somewhere other than the toilet area, say “papers” in a low strong voice and pick her up and bring her there. Soon, you will just have to say the word and she will know to go there.

Eventually, your puppy will start to show preference for eliminate in a certain spot. When this happens, you can continue your puppy paper training by decreasing the size of your paper area. Take a little away each day. If your puppy eliminates off the paper, you know that you have decreased too quickly. Once you get to a small area, you can begin to move that paper inch-by-inch so that, over time, you can put the papers anywhere you choose and your dog will find them.