What is Premium Dog Food?

All dog foods are not created equal. You might think that the wide range of prices you find for dog food on grocery store shelves would be indicative of which dog foods are better for your pets. You would be wrong. Some of the higher priced dog foods are far from premium in quality.

Let’s talk about “meal.” There is a vast difference between dog foods made with meat and those made with meal. When you’re looking at the ingredients list on the package label, if meat of some kind is listed first, your pet will get less nutrition from that food than she will from a package with meal listed first. This is because much of the weight of the meat before cooking comes from water and fat. Once the meat is cooked, it might fall far down on that ingredients list. Meal, however, is baked and almost all the water removed before it becomes powdery. Meal offers much more protein for your dog.


Premium Dog Food Ingredients

Premium dog food recipes usually start out with either lamb or chicken meal as the main ingredient. They also contain some vegetables, especially brightly colored ones that add potent anti-oxidants to the mix. Vegetables also help to improve digestion. Unlike grocery store brands, premium food for your dog does not contain cereal or meat by-products. That means that disgusting items such as chicken feet and beaks and peanut shells are not present.

Premium foods also contain grain, but, instead of by-products, they use whole wheat and selected parts of wheat berry. Wheat is considerably more digestible and nutritionally balanced than corn, the primary ingredient in many grocery store brands. White and brown rice may also be included. The white rice also helps with digestion, while the brown rice adds another measure of nutrients. Some premium pet foods also contain small amounts of fish, excluding by-products. The fist provides oil for healthy coats and skin. For a more complete list of the healthy ingredients in premium foods for your dog, check out one of the many online vendors who have been developing these products for decades.