How to Pick the Best and Safest Dog Toys

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They’re loyal, loving and have unconditional love for their owner. It is only natural that when we get a dog the first thing we do is buy them toys to play with; but which ones should you be buying? There are many types of dog toys out there on the market today, from traditional tennis balls and squeaky plushies to interactive games on your phone or even laser pointers! This blog post will discuss how to pick the safest and best toy for your pup – so read on!

Types of Dog Toys

There are three types of dog toys: plush, rubber and rope. Plush toys are soft and cuddly but may contain scraps that could be harmful for your pup to swallow; rubber based ones can sometimes have too much give in them which might cause an injury with teeth if the dog bites down on it wrong; while ropes often have knots or fringe which can get caught around their mouth (or any other part they want) causing a choking hazard! The best type is usually considered to be something hard like plastic-based so long as there’s no sharp edges. Get the best dog toys at

How to Pick the Best and Safest Dog Toys

Picking out a toy is an important decision! Before purchasing one for your pup, examine it closely.

  • If there are any parts on the toy that look sharp or can break off easily, don’t buy it.
  • Choose toys made from hard plastic so long as they have no edges; if you’re looking at something else like rubber based ones see if they can be punctured by a needle. Which means that in case of chewing, this too will pop with ease!
  • Try not to get anything stuffed unless it’s durable enough to withstand being bitten (or when appropriate) washed after every playtime. It doesn’t matter how cute it might be, if it’s not safe for your pup to play with then don’t get it!
  • Plush toys can also cause a choking hazard if they have any small parts that could come off and be swallowed.
  • If you’re going the traditional route of getting them a tennis ball or two in their stocking, make sure they are made from hard rubber (the ones used at dog parks) as these tend to last longer.
  • Avoid plastic balls which often break or crack when squeezed too much.

You should always read over the packaging before purchasing anything new for your furry friend! Always remember: safety first! The best way to keep our dogs healthy is by playing responsibly.

When is it Time for a New Toy?

Just like us, our pets get bored with their toys over time. If they’re the type of dog that has a favorite toy and plays with it all the time – then you might not need to replace it every few months; but if your pup is playing less than usual or seems to be spending more time chewing on something else instead (like furniture) then this may be an indication! Keeping them entertained can help lessen some of these destructive behaviors so consider trying a new chewable toy as well.

Most importantly: don’t buy your pet anything unsafe just because “it looks cool!” You’ll only end up being frustrated in the long run when they have swallowed dangerous parts or hurt themselves from ingesting bits at playtime!

What are some Safe Materials to Use in your Dog’s Toy?

Some safe materials to use in dog toys are-

  • Hard Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Nylon Rope
  • Polyester and Cotton Fabric (for stuffing)
  • Soft Plush Toys with no small parts or loose threads. These are often perfect for cuddling!


Picking the best and safest dog toys for your pup is a must. You need to pick out something that they will enjoy playing with, but also be sure to take into account their safety! When picking which toy would be right for them, just remember these tips: make sure it isn’t too small or big; look at reviews of what other owners have said about the quality (and if any dogs have managed to chew through it); don’t give them anything that’s been recalled by the manufacturer- no matter how much they beg you!