Housetraining Older Dogs

Housetraining older dogs is a more delicate process than with younger ones, but it can be done more quickly. You may have adopted a dog from the pound that is used to eliminating wherever she pleases because she was allowed to do so in her cage. With puppies, you can immediately pick them up when they begin to piddle and bring them outside. Older dogs may have more defensive reactions with this approach, so use a leash instead.

Housetraining older dogs is all about getting familiar with their personalities. Since they are older, they have had experiences elsewhere that may conflict with what you are trying to achieve. Do not get discouraged, however. It is not, as they say, impossible to teach old dogs new tricks. You just have to be persistent and patient.

Housetraining Older Dogs with Mild Problems

Your problem with your dog may be simpler than you think. Sometimes, dogs that are seemingly potty trained, will suddenly have accidents when new elements are introduced into the home. This could be anything from moving, getting another pet or having a baby. You need to show the dog a lot of love. Take potty training steps as you normally would, and give extra praise for your dog doing the right thing.

When housetraining older dogs, you want to make sure that they are on a strict schedule. Feed them at the same time every day. Walk them at the same time every day. Since older dogs have better bladder control than puppies, you will not have to walk them as much. However, make sure you walk your dog at critical times. This includes first thing in the morning, after eating and last thing in the evening.