Holistic Dog Food

Holistic dog food is more than just healthy food for dogs; it’s an approach to health that emphasizes prevention through noninvasive means, including a healthy diet. As we learn more about pet nutrition, and care more about what we feed our pets, we’ve rediscovered that we are what we eat–dogs, too. Holistic dog foods offer an alternative to the mass-produced dog foods that may not be the best for your pet.

Whether it’s human or canine, a holistic diet generally uses the most natural foods and ingredients available. Most holistic dog foods use human-grade ingredients, and not the scraps and lower-quality ingredients that generic dog foods have. The makers of holistic dog foods tend to avoid foods with pesticides or additives, and prefer free-range meats over caged ones.

Holistic Dog Foods Are Designed for Your Pet’s Age

As your dog grows, his nutritional needs, eating habits, and metabolism change, requiring different foods for the different stages in his life. Many holistic dog foods are formulated for these needs; there are also specialty dog foods for pets with specific allergies or other conditions. While some mass-produced dog foods address these dietary matters, they often contain chemicals, emulsifiers and other additives not found in holistic dog food products.

Generic pet foods are mass-produced and are heavily processed, which, over time, may affect your dog’s health. A dog does not naturally eat refined foods, especially those with unnatural preservatives and low quality meat by-products, but these are what many dog foods are made of. Holistic dog foods have been designed as a healthy substitute for these unnatural products, and can quickly improve your dog’s health and energy.