Your grooming tools are a necessary part of your practice–you can’t exactly do your job without them. Make sure that you care for your tools so that they last as long as you need them to. With just a little extra care at the end of each grooming job or day, you can ensure that your investment will not be devalued.

Care of Grooming Tools
Just as hairstylists at the top salons take care of their scissors and razors with regular washes, you need to care for your grooming tools in a similar manner. If your business is particularly heavy and you just don’t have the time in between dogs, that is okay. But at the end of every work day, be sure to wash and fully dry your scissors and other tools to keep them at their optimum level of performance.

Scissors will need to be resharpened once in a while. How often they will need this depends on how many dogs you are grooming and what type of hair or fur you are working on. A good rule of thumb is to test them every three months–are they cutting as sharply and as easily as when they were new? If not, find a retailer who offers scissors sharpening services (many fabric stores do this), or if you prefer, invest in a new pair of scissors.

Another simple step in maintaining your grooming tools is to oil them. Keeping a small plastic bottle of oil in with your supplies makes this an easy task and easy to remember as well. Sure, it seems tedious, but regular oiling can keep grooming tools functioning like new for a long time.