Fashionable Dog Clothing

To sell fashionable dog clothing, you’ll need to keep up on the latest trends in design, fabric, and accessories. Subscribe to periodicals such as Canine Review, Dog World Magazine, or check out online periodicals such as Show Dog Magazine or Good Dog Magazine. Staying up on the latest news in dog health, grooming, and exercise tips will help you keep your customers in the loop.

You’ll also need to stay on top of current trends in fashion. Make a note of the new fabrics and hot colors that emerge each season. Keeping up with fashion might seem like a never-ending chase, but your customers will know the difference between a retailer who makes an effort to keep their dogs fashionable versus one who simply never deviates from an established formula.


Fashionable Dog Clothing Is Fun!

Selecting the array of dog apparel you stock should be a fun job, not an arduous task. Fashion is all about fun, and so is pet ownership. Designer dog clothing is simply a way for pet owners to express their own individual tastes and have more fun with their pets.

Even if you’ve never been a fashion mogul, choosing fashionable dog clothing for your store isn’t hard. Use your customers as a resource. Ask them which designers they like, if there is anything they would like to see stocked, or if there is any clothing product or accessory they are having difficulty finding anywhere else.