So you’ve never heard of dog supplements? Well, here’s a scenario: what if you got up tomorrow morning, showered, and brushed your teeth — but didn’t take a vitamin pill? Wouldn’t you feel like something was missing?

It’s common knowledge that dietary supplements are a good idea for people of all ages. What’s less well known is the fact that a supplement is also good for dogs of all ages. This is because different dogs have different needs, and rarely can all a dog’s requirements be met with even premium dog food alone.


Dog Supplements Meet the Needs of Every Dog

Did you know that your average husky needs more zinc than most other dogs? Little needs like this wouldn’t be met by most dog foods. However, add a nutritional supplement for dogs to your friend’s routine and you’ll be taking care of possible deficiencies in your dog’s diet that you never knew existed.

Taking care of all your dog’s nutritional needs is important, because lacking even one vitamin could leave your dog open to disease. Once you start using dog supplements, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re doing everything you can for your puppy. After all, he’d do the same for you.