Dog Grooming Books

Dog grooming books can be an excellent resource for beginning, advanced, and professional groomers. Whether you want to brush up on your skills or learn how to groom an entirely new breed, dog grooming books can be the key to your success. They are an excellent resource, and can be kept with your other supplies if you are running a mobile grooming service.


What to Look for in Dog Grooming Books

High quality dog grooming books are definitely worth investing in, but what makes a book worth your money? Looking for large, sharp color pictures along with clear, explicit instructions is your best bet for finding the right dog grooming book. You want to find a book that you can grow with–one that will be simple to follow as you first begin, but that also provides advanced instruction and tips.

Also, look for a book that contains a wide range of topics. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a book that only talks about a few types of breeds or only covers clipping techniques. Try to find a book that covers general health issues, offers handling advice, or even business tips.

You may want to buy specific books on some of the different breeds as your business grows. Perhaps you may decide to specialize in a specific type or age of dog, and will want to have the knowledge to cater to that specific clientele. But for beginners, find a dog grooming book that covers a diverse array of topics in a clear, to the point manner.