Dog collars are both a fashion accessory and an essential tag-and-leash holder. Hunting dogs need orange collars for visibility, and town dogs need reflective collars so cars can see them. Then there are those dogs who insist they need, really need, the latest in crystal or tapestry fashions.

Utilitarian dog collars come in flat or rolled leather or nylon, both extremely durable. They come in a variety of colors, especially the nylon ones, and can be studded or spiked for that macho guard-dog look. Nylon collars are often adjustable to grow with your puppy.


Fashion Dog Collars

Many dog owners choose their pet’s collar not just to hold a license and attach a leash, but as an expression of the pet’s–and the owner’s–personality. There are, of course, the usual rhinestone dog collars, some of which are extremely lavish. But there are many other styles to choose from, ranging from classy to cutesy.

There are some very handsome fine-grained reptile print leather collars that look extremely elegant. There are dignified (and aptly named) houndstooth prints, or bouncy multi-colored polka dots. One stunning collar was made of scarlet fine-grained leather cut into lace, over a sea-green base. Truly gorgeous. Collars with designs stenciled on may have hot-rod flames or dancing hearts. With all these to choose from, it’s hard to resist having a whole wardrobe of collars to fit the mood of the moment.