Contrary to popular myth, it does not take a lot of effort to successfully perform proper Chihuahua care. Like most other dogs, they can get sick or injured or enjoy completely healthy lives year-round. However, because they are such little dogs, there are a few specific points to cover to ensure their long health.

The first step is to have the Chihuahua vaccinated and to continue with yearly booster shots to protect the dog from disease. Like other breeds, they should also be de-wormed and checked for fleas during hot seasons. Some owners like to perform a monthly Chihuahua care ritual and bathe them, especially if they are of the long-haired variety.

Food is extremely important when it comes to Chihuahua care, and must have meat as its first ingredient. The breakdown should be no less than 30 percent crude protein, no less than 20 percent crude fat, and four percent or less of fiber. Chihuahuas prefer three small meals a day to one large meal and can easily get fat on too many treats.

Chihuahua Care Out of Doors

Because they are highly energetic, Chihuahuas must be exercised daily and need frequent attention. This may mean an outside walk or merely a half an hour of playing with his or her owner with a ball or stick. Be careful outside, though–protect the Chihuahua from cold and other dogs, and use a dog harness on a leash instead of a throat collar.