Improve Joint Function And Flexibility

The suffering caused by dog arthritis can be greatly reduced if one can improve joint function and flexibility. Several factors affect joint health. Environmental agents and the stresses caused by a dog’s own metabolism are two of the most common culprits. The goal of arthritis treatment using nutritional supplements is to combat these factors with substances that heal the dog’s body and help it fight disease. In doing so, the dog will be healthier and better able to build and maintain cartilage.

Supplements Can Improve Joint Function And Flexibility

Since arthritis is a disease of the cartilage whereby the body’s ability to produce enough of this vital tissue is reduced, research into dog arthritis has focused on how to maintain a dog’s cartilage. If a dog’s body can maintain its cartilage, then the need for dependency on drugs is eliminated. A way to help the dog’s body do this is to deliver nutrients through the use of supplements. Certain naturally occurring substances have been found to strengthen cartilage and prevent the stresses that are products of metabolism.

If a one can improve joint function and flexibility in this way, then the pain and inflammation of arthritis will no longer be a major factor that prevents your dog from enjoying freedom of movement. The key is to protect the existing cartilage, stimulate the growth of new tissue and reduce swelling that causes pain. Nutritional supplements have proven to be able to accomplish these goals. When taken over the course of several months, they can greatly improve the condition of a dog’s cartilage.

Today, there are alternatives to surgery and drugs and their unwanted side effects. Supplements that target joint health can greatly improve joint function and flexibility by helping a dog’s body heal itself. Freedom of movement and freedom from drugs can give your dog a better quality of life and better overall health, two goals toward which every dog owner strives.